Mention on another blog

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Meant to post this link a while back, JMCL63 came along to the recent mart and picked up a copy of The Abortion. Not sure if he’s read it yet, but he certainly liked the look. And Jamie got a photograph done!



Comics Waiting Room review

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The link above takes you to the latest review from Avril Brown of Comics Waiting Room, and I’m happy to say that its another example of someone who totally gets it. Having collaborated on this nasty piece of work, both Jamie and I have had our moments when we really wondered how it would be received; let’s face it, it’s a horror comic about a vengeful foetus coming back to life! Yet so far, the reviews have been by and large really goos, and have shown that you can successfully publish such a comic book without controversy or distaste getting in the way…

“THE ABORTION is so wrong on so many levels, but that is only part of its darkly amusing charm”

“McMorrow and McLaughlin have threatened to deliver more of these one-shot horror stories as part of an on-going series, and fingers crossed they prove to be as disturbingly distasteful as THE ABORTION”

Omnicomic Review

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Another positive review and much encouragement, this time from Jonathan Pilley of Omnicomics.

“refreshing though to see a horror work that doesn’t involve vampires, werewolves or zombies”

“What you can expect…is new works that are somewhat thought-provoking and will likely challenge preconceived notions”

Coming up…

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We haven’t forgotten about Abe quite yet, as the latest review shows, but I thought it was time to whet your appetite for what’s next. The second of our one shot horrors allows us the opportunity to focus on our original plan, which is to have a long running, 12 issue series of such comics. The title we’ve settled on is ‘A Year of Fear’, and we’ll be repackaging The Abortion to come in line with future releases, with a view to a published trade collection at the end. I’m working on transporting our web presence to a more all-encompassing one.

Anyway, here are a couple of images from the forthcoming, Giallo-inspired horror,Yellow:

The flyer introducing Yellow that we inserted into early copies of The Abortion:

And introducing Angie. We guarantee she’s not as nice as she looks…

Forbidden Planet Blog – Review

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Richard Bruton from the FP Blog has favourably reviewed the Abortion. Visit the site and read the review: –

“just the sort of uncomfortable, twisted thing that horror fans will get a buzz off”

Another review of The Abortion, by Mo Ali from Hypergeek –

“The Abortion is an entertaining and fun read and one that doesn’t outstay its welcome”

“a dark little comedic horror tale full of blood, slime and B-Movie deaths”

Interested Parties

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I’m interested to know how many, if any, of the folk who picked up a copy of The Abortion on the launch night, and saw the lovingly hand written and stuck in link to this blog, have actually appeared here. There was a spike in visits afterwards, so I imagine people had a wee look, but are you still lurking around in the virtual dark like some weird, Dario Argento character?  If so, we want you to make your voice heard! We will be announcing news of future work on here as and when it develops, and there will be wee odds and ends available over the next few weeks to expand and enhance your enjoyment of our sick, sick world. So, if you’re there, or here, kindly leave a wee comment on any of the posts, introducing yourselves. You know, like you would do if you walked into someone’s living room in real life…?

Thankew 🙂